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The best choice: Bent top palisade fence

Feb 03, 2018

Bent top palisade fence basic composition is the same column, standpipe and horizontal tube assembled guardrail, horizontal tube to play the role of fixed support standpipe, beam common two, three or four, the root number of the more The stability of the multi-barrier fence is stronger; the top of the standpipe is a one-way about 30 degree camber, the elbows are installed outward to effectively prevent the climbing, and the utility model is suitable for use in schools and other places with higher safety requirements; Tube, cross-tube specifications in most cases are followed by reduced, you can assemble the design at the scene, it will be very easy to install. As the span is too large overall stability is not good, so the width is generally not more than 3.0m. However, we can adjust according to customer needs.

We can also supply the Pressed Spear Fence, welcome to connect us. 

Bent top palisade fence

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