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Features Of Bent Top Palisade Fence

Mar 26, 2018

  Bent top palisade fence, which is not only beautiful, but also can effectively prevent the tip of the gun from being stolen. The top of the pole is designed to be curved and can prevent climbing. Its structure is simple and greatly reduced. The production cost, long service life and better warning effect. High security palisade fence is also a hot sale products in our company.

  1. The product adopts the assembled overall frame layout in technology, which is convenient for construction and installation;

  2, the product of the mesh and the column of the convergence part, the use of a semi-circular head square neck bolts, together with anti-theft washers, this can avoid the guardrail was easily dismantled;

  3, suitable for mass production, can be well integrated with nature.

Bent Top Palisade Fence

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