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Pyramid fence panel

May 15, 2019

1. fence characteristic
5.0mm wire drawing by high quality rod steel . Double horizontal wire to welded the panel . The panel became more flat and strong. Unique and beautiful PYRAMID design. All kinds of the coated clour choose , so that can consistent with the environment.
2)Width of panel
from2015 ------to 3000mm  
Wire diameter:
from 4.0 ------to 6.0mm
2.Post system
Post is 60x60mm or 50x50mm square tube . The top cap is ball type. Refined design,and durable.
The clamps is double squared type with SS304 stainless steel bolts. Installation convenience and reduce labour cost and time.
3.Installation manner
1)The post popular buried under the ground 300--400mm and pouring concrete when installation them.
2) Welded flange base under the post ,and use setscrews to install on the harded ground.

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