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Do you know the features of airport security fence

Aug 29, 2017

If we install the blade barbed wire on the top of Airport Security Fence,After the knife barbed it can enhance the security performance very well.The use of electroplating,hotdip,spray,dipping and other forms of anti-corrosion,with good anti-aging, sun, weather and other characteristics. Its product modeling handsome, diverse colors,Not only does it play a role in fence,but also it plays a role in beautification.As a result of high security, anti-climbing ability,mesh connection using a special SBS fasteners,It can prevent the destruction of man-made disfigurement effectively,and horizontal four bending ribs,the mesh surface strength increased significantly.

We can also supply Temporary Fence and Gabion Basket.If you need our products,welcome to contact us.Airport security fence

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