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Introduction Of Temporary Chain Link Fence

May 03, 2018

Temporary Chain Link Fence can be installed quickly and easily. Temporary isolation, temporary partitions, and temporary loops are the products with great flexibility. Mainly adopting detachable components to standardly connect the guardrail main piece with the base or the guard column, without digging the ground or laying the foundation on the ground, and can be easily dismantled and moved for installation when certain requirements are needed. The main structural features: The mesh is relatively small, the base safety performance is strong, the appearance is beautiful, and can be customized according to customer needs.

It can be widely used:

1. Layered construction stairs with temporary guardrails.

2. Temporary protective railings (steel pipe or bamboo) on each side of the ladder.

3. At the top of the stairs, with the construction of formal railings or temporary guardrails.

The product is beautiful, sturdy and extremely flexible. The welding joint is generally coated with zinc after welding to achieve a bright and beautiful appearance and long-lasting effect. It is mainly used for temporary barriers such as important assemblies, festivals, sports events, etc. to maintain order.

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Temporary Chain Link Fence

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