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What Does 358 Security Fence Mean?

Apr 13, 2018

The name of the 358 Security Fence is based on his mesh size of 3*0.5 and the silk number is 8 (4mm). The size converted into mm 358 guardrail is 76.2*12.7*4mm (hole length * hole height * wire diameter)

The 358 Security Fence has a narrow mesh opening and is not easily penetrated by objects. Such small meshes are difficult to cut with traditional hand tools. Even if it is not easy to climb, it is one of the barriers that have been recognized as the most difficult to break through. Therefore, it is called a safety fence and has become a high-strength fence.

If you need Bent Top Palisade Fence, High Security Palisade Fence, welcome to contact us.

358 Security Fence

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